Thursday, 3 August 2017

Job Opportunity - Support & Housing Halton

Support & Housing – Halton is looking for students for full-time/ part-time/ casual IT support positions that have some IT/computer science experience. We’re open to student placements or students looking for work experience.

If interested then please send your resume to Natasha Blake at nblake at

Monday, 31 July 2017

Co-op Opportunity - Streaming Graph Data Management

Job Summary:

The project deals with analyzing microblogs (e.g., tweets).  Over the last decade, microblogging has become a standard of communications among users of social networks. The increasing volume of microblogging content created using social networks is accompanied by an increase in the velocity of data that are being generated in real-time. The content of these microblogs is coarse and unstructured; however, with the use of information extraction techniques useful information can be harvested and used to build applications that can answer more complex queries in real-time.

The project involves taking microblogs created in a social network (e.g. Twitter) and extracting structured information from these microblogs using information extraction tools. This information is mapped onto a streaming graph which is updated in real time. The streaming graph is used to execute complex queries which represent a combination of keyword and graph queries in real-time. 

The specific task for the coop term is to take a graph database management system (most likely Neo4j) and modify it to work with streaming graphs. This requires adding data structures and additional functionality to Neo4j kernel. The revised system will then be used to perform performance tests. If time permits, the query processor will be modified to perform both keyword and structural search on graphs.

Job Responsibilities:

We are looking for a student with experience in programming languages, object-oriented programming and databases (knowledge of graph databases is a plus but not a requirement) to modify different components of an existing graph database management system.

The candidate will build and modify components of a graph database (e.g., underlying data structures, indexes, query optimizer) to support efficient insertions in a streaming graph while achieving good query execution time.

Knowledge of Java and/or C++;
Experience with object-objected programming;
Knowledge of data structures;
Knowledge of database management systems;
Experience with open-source projects;
Experience with graph data management is a plus


M. Tamer Özsu (

If you have any questions or require further information then please contact Professor Özsu at tamer.ozsu at

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Job Opportunity - C++ Software Developer at SHIELD Crypto Systems Inc.

Job Title: C++ Software Developer
Location: Toronto, Canada.
Type: Full Time.
Residency requirements: Canadian or Permanent Resident of Canada.

Job description
As a startup company providing innovative technologies for secure computing in data centers and cloud service providers, SHIELD Crypto Systems, Inc. is looking for experienced, talented and self-driven Computer Science graduate of the position of C++ Software Developer who will contribute in building SHIELD’s core technology.
This is a unique opportunity to be a part of a high-growth Canadian technology company with the ambition of expanding globally.


  • Develop the architectural design of secure computation algorithms.
  • Evaluate and analyze performance of full systems and drive performance improvements.
  • Design and develop libraries and APIs for the core software.
  • Deploy our computing engine and algorithm library on major cloud platforms.

Qualifications required and absolutely necessary skills:

  • Strong C++ programming skill.
  • Strong technical troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
  • Strong verification and debugging skills.
  • Experience in applying fundamental concepts in Computer Science – Algorithms, Data Structures, etc.
  • Strong mathematical skills.
  • Work experience in both Windows and Linux development environments.
  • Excellent learner who can adopt new technologies quickly.
  • Interest in solving complex, intellectually challenging problems.
  • Interest in the creation of new and leading edge technology.
  • Possess strong English written and oral communication skills.
  • Willing to work hard in a fast paced environment to achieve deadlines.

Important skills that will be considered as a plus:

  •  GPU and Multi-threading programming skills using CUDA, OpenCL, MPI, OpenMP.
  •  Good knowledge and/or the ability to develop low latency, scalable, distributed and reliable applications.

We offer competitive compensation. This is your chance to be part of a growing company with all its exciting challenges and benefits. If you have the experience, motivation, and initiative for this fast paced fun start-up, please apply.

How to Apply
For immediate consideration, please submit your CV/resume to and include "C++ Software Developer" in the subject line. Only those under consideration for the position will be contacted. We do not use placement agencies for any of our openings.

The Ohio State University Graduate Engineering Open House - October 2017

The Ohio State University Graduate Engineering Open House

This fall, our annual Graduate Engineering Open House will take place on October 13th and 14th, 2017.  This event allows undergraduates from across the country to come to Columbus, Ohio for two days, attend sessions about graduate school, competitive applications, and funding, while simultaneously interacting directly with our departments, faculty, staff, and current students.  We also include tours of some of our most impressive laboratory facilities like the Center for Automotive Research and ElectroScience Lab, just to name a few.

We have travel stipends to offer students to help them cover the cost of flights or mileage, and their hotel stay.  

For more information, contact:

Jillian Baer
Director of Graduate Recruitment
Office of Graduate Education
College of Engineering,
 The Ohio State University
122 Hitchcock Hall, 2070 Neil Ave

Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-2976 Office

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Web Developer Needed | Student Opportunity - Tech Startup

2-month project (~80hrs Part-time) | $1,500 stipend | Flexible hours
This is a great summer part-time work opportunity for a Computer Science student to leverage their technical skills and build new technical skills as they prepare for grad school or start preparing for their first job. The individual would be working to customize an existing platform and not writing code from scratch. They can work from wherever, whenever. If they can complete the project before the 2-month period, they can claim the stipend earlier! 

Part-Time Web Developer (2-Month Contract) at uBitez
We’re changing the way Toronto eats.
Job Description
Are you a coding ninja who enjoys a fun challenge? Do you feel right at home in the LAMP stack, live and breathe HTML5 & responsive web design and want to help build the next big thing on Google’s powerful Cloud Platform? Then we want to hear from you!

What will you be working on? You’ll help us launch uBitez – an ambitious platform that will change how Toronto eats. Are you intrigued? Well, we don’t want to spill the beans before our launch. But trust us: this will be a chance to flex your coding muscles, learn new tech skills along the way – and let’s not downplay this - be part of the success of a new tech startup!

So what exactly do we want you to do? It’s simple. We have all the pieces and we need your help to put them together. That means we need you to customize our proprietary (but open-source) ecommerce platform and give it a make-over based on our new design and content.

When & how would you work? You can work remotely and at your own pace. Got another day job? No problem. You can choose to only code on the weekends or after hours. If you want to double down to get everything done faster, you can do that as well.
What’s in it for you? Apart from helping launch uBitez, you’ll get CAD $1500 over the course of this fun 2-month project. If you finish faster, you can claim your full reward sooner.
Bonus: If we like your work, we may keep you on for post-launch development.
Interested or have more questions? Send us an email to


  • LAMP stack expert (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • HTML5 & responsive web design
  • Can-do attitude, who’s not afraid to learn on the go


  • Google Cloud Platform experience
  • Website Analytics
  • Email HTML & Analytics coding
  • Accessibility coding

Monday, 17 July 2017

ArchHacks 2017 - Washington University's Student Hackathon

ArchHacks 2017 is Washington University in St. Louis' hackathon, taking place October 27-29th on WashU's campus. We are so excited to be bringing together over 350 students from across the US and Canada for a weekend of innovative and creative problem-solving. Our theme is HealthTech, but we welcome students who are interested in all areas of CS and innovative thinking. 

We would love to have a strong student presence from Waterloo again! We are planning on sending 4 buses, to the 4 schools with the most number of applications. We also have a referral raffle and competition. If you refer someone or are referred by someone to apply, you will be entered into a raffle to win an Amazon Echo! Additionally, the student with the most referrals will win a special prize for them and their team at ArchHacks! Apply now here!

The hyperlink is 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Building a Technology-powered Trading Startup

“Building a Technology-powered Trading Startup”
5-6pm: Presented by Radix

Discussion and Q&A with Radix co-founder, Michael Rauchman -- previously lead architect and CTO of GETCO, one of the first titans in electronic trading (later acquired by KCG)

Also, hear from one of our new hires, Pratheek Nagaraj -- MIT CS & Math '16, previously interned at Facebook and Snapchat



To help us order enough, PLEASE RSVP at  

Learn about....

- tech skills required to be successful in trading
- why Michael chose to lead his own startup instead of joining an established trading firm
- how we built a trading firm with collaborative environment
- how tech within trading firms compares to Silicon Valley giants
- new hire projects from Pratheek

about RADIX 
Radix is a research-driven, proprietary trading startup in Chicago led by Michael Rauchman and Ben Blander.

> Michael Rauchman- formerly GETCO's CTO and lead architect, head of Americas equities, and global head of ForEx. As a hands-on leader Michael was instrumental in the development of many trading strategies as well as the underlying architecture and code.

> Ben Blander - former head of Citadel’s high frequency group and a key contributor in growing their P&L from $75 million in 2005 to $1.15 billion in 2008 (Source:  Previously Ben earned a PhD in Math from the University of Chicago.

We’re building a new type of trading firm dedicated to research through open, collaborative innovation. 

We're looking to add new graduates as Software Engineers: Your goal is to enhance alpha generation and improve the research infrastructure through technology innovation. You’ll also be expected to have a strong interest in understanding and contributing to our trading strategies.

If you want to work on cutting-edge technology to solve really tough problems, while getting near-immediate feedback on your best ideas, the trading industry is hard to beat. Every day we’re competing with some of the smartest, most driven people in the world trying to take your money -- and if you don’t stay at the very top of your game in research, technology, and economics, they will.

And while the highly-publicized wave of high-frequency or “flash” trading based on sheer speed of execution might have reached its limit, we see continued opportunities with our strategy of using statistical research to outsmart the competition. 

QUESTIONS? Contact us at